2021 Packaging Design Visual Feast

Issuing time:2020-12-28 17:06

An exceedingly growing number of brands’

strict packaging design requirements reflect various design creativity in recent years.

How do numerous brands attract public attention through packaging?

Let’s visit the DEQI packaging exhibition hall and take a look at various types of unique packaging.

Accurate design concepts and unique packaging symbol factors are interactive in the design created.

The packaging can directly display the artistic image in the public’s vision.


guiding consumers to make consumption choices and improving the quality of fashion consumption.

As a significant graphic design category,

packaging design uses various crafts and various supporting techniques.

The cultural connotation of packaging is not only a specific cultural symbol installation.

It also reflects the designer’s emotions and experience of natural society and human culture.

Further improving the packaging mechanism and improving the carrier information dissemination ability of packaging design.

The significance of design is to get consumer’s attention through marketing aesthetics of the packaging.

Every designer must understand the common points of packaging design and its color and shape when serving brands.

It is also essential to consider the artistic aesthetics of packaging, the cost of packaging,

market demand,

and consumer psychology.

It is the philosophy of every designer to achieve a win-win goal for both products and packaging.


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