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  • Q:Is this your lowest price?Can it be cheaper?
    A:Dear! This price is the lowest ! We are a big factory, ex-factory price for you.Since we do long-term business, won't random quote, please rest assured! We also look forward to the pro-bought your products after your friends and family will be introduced to our side to buy it! We are looking forward to your coming to guide work!
  • Q:If I want to order the products, how to operate?
    A:Dear! You tell me your request, I will organize into an order according to your requirements, and then send you confirmation, after confirming the order you will need to pay thirty percent down payment to our company,after production, our company received the balance will be the first time to arrange for your shipment.
  • Q:I want to purchase your jewelry packaging products,are there MOQ ? What will th...
    A:Dear! You can buy the products as many as you need if we had stock , there is not MOQ about ready goods; But about the made products,there have to be a certain amount before they can be arranged production ! There are various product styles in our website, if you are not satisfied, welcome to our showroom to choose .
  • Q:what is your Production capacity in one year?
    A:We are the leader in Chinese jewelry packaging production enterprises, the strength of major production line : A, paper jewelry boxes workshop:daily producing 90000; B, jewelry portrait workshop: daily producing 2000; C, plastic jewelry boxes shop: daily producing 45000; D, jewelry bag workshop: daily production 50000; E, paper handbag (including printing) workshop: daily producing 30000; F, acrylic rotation Showcase Workshop:daily producing 100;
  • Q:Product quality and cost-effective;
    A:We are the Swiss brand specified packaging, props manufacturer;
  • Q:What are the factors that affect the quality of jewelry packaging products?
    A:Dear! About the quality, we divide into three levels of production workshop: A workshop quality, B workshop quality and C workshop quality , we will assign a different order to arrange the workshop production based on your quality requirements and unit price.
  • Q:If i need your help to design, how should I operate?
    A:Dear! Tell us your need and thinking , there will be professional design for your service!