The Showroom
Area of DEQI showroom over 6000m²

We strongly believe that all big deals must start from small details.
To gain your trust is always our  impetus for developing, but how to make customer’s  products look like arts in their fields and help their business

more and more prosperous is always an endless goal for DEQI people ! So DEQI is the first company to establish a brand packaging design research center in jewelry packaging industry,meanwhile set up the VIP showroom to show all kinds of jewelry displays with latest design and newest workmanship so as to provide innovative, higher and better service to our long-term and strategic customers. Warmly welcome customers to come, negotiate in business.
Combine the excellent design attainments, using modern fashion design techniques, so as to refined the packaging artistic ideas, and cleverly extract the diversified content and information to the customer's brand symbol, and run through the overall packaging design. A huge number of  packaging design create from exquisite craftsmanship and extraordinary inspiration, and perfect art is the combination of customer trust and the strength of Deqi core products.

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